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Monday, April 22, 2013

Restaruants + Twins (my twins) = Commontion

Daddy is kind of a restaurant buff.  He likes to try out new restaurants from time to time but what he really likes to do is eat.  So the dutiful wife that I am support him at whatever he feels is right so I pull my self along to help him find out if these restaurants are any good.  It's a hard job.

THEN TWINS...hit the scene. For the first year they were so cute to take out and show off because they couldn't climb out of their high chairs or walk yet or should I say run.  Then from one to two years they were a little more work to keep in the high chair but they were still manageable.  Then at two we knew after this one trip to a Sizzler and a spoon of something hit dad in the side of the head (I think mashed potatoes). They thought it was the funniest thing since tickling that restaurants were no longer going to be an outing for them until they got through the terrible twos which has now been in effect for the last three years.  Well, I must say if the restaurant has a play structure then we are OK.  If it doesn't not going to happen.

Lately, we have been trying to take them out from time to time to see if they have civilized themselves yet because it is like once they are in the restaurant something comes over them.  It is freakish.

So, yesterday we tried out a local commercial chain restaurant to watch some of the basketball games and have a little family time.  All our our five kids were with us, The Entourage, as we call it.  We get in there and instantly their volume goes up probably because it was already a little loud and they feel they have to hear themselves over the crowd.  Yet, so can everyone else.  Then our competitive one who follow sports and keeps track of every one's scores and stats kept going into the bar area as if he was one of the guys to keep track of the scores.  After a while you may see him sitting at a table with a Shirley Temple. He can literally hold a grown up conversation about sports, teams, and players and the guys dig on him because he almost knows too much.

The other one was too busy trying to get someone to battle him with Pokemon cards.  When they were both at the table at the same time they were kept switching seats, had all the utensils all over the table, massacred the appetizer, and kept asking when is the food coming?

I am exhausted by the time the food comes. 

The food comes and for those few moments they are quiet, mouths full, sitting in one place, and I am trying to eat fast so I can be ready for them when they are done.

As soon as they are done then it is time to go.  By now I am ready too.  No relaxing or letting the food go down here.  I grabbed what I need and start to move them to the car.  As we are walking the one in front drops his drink in the door way, which I have to say we avoided at the table for once, which busts the cup on the bottom he picks it up and lemonade is spewing every where and he seems to be the only one not noticing this.  I finally grab it from him and throw it in the garbage can but not after the whole door way is wet.  So, I have to go back in trying to keep them in some order to tell the girls that his drink spilled and I don't want anyone to slip or fall so after a thousand apologies can they please clean it up. 

WHOOOOOOOO....I think we still need a little more work on restaurant etiquette.  \

But I have to say they are fun and there is never a dull moment with them.  We love them very much and if all we have to endure is a few crazy restaurant trips that's nothing compared to what some people are facing.  We are lucky and blessed just not totally ready for too many restaurants yet.

BOSTON STRONG!!!  In support of all of Boston and Bostonians!  We are with you!!!


  1. My little boy was the same,in the car on long journeys, could shop for hours, anything and he was an angel but sit in a cafe or restaurant and the whole wide world knew we had arrived, and the way people look at you, like they never ever saw a kid go wild:)Thankful he's now 10 and it's so much easier.
    maggie at expat brazil

  2. Wow! Praying for you and Boston. So glad to find your blog. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.



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