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Friday, April 19, 2013

Quentessential / Antonym = Wrong

An antonym for Quintessential is Wrong.

The two tragedies in this last week in Boston and Texas are just horrible.

Both very different in nature but catastrophic none the less.

Blessings and love out to both Boston, MA and West, TX and all of the families and people who have been affected.

One thing I think is that the media is like an "ant at someones picnic."  They just don't stop.

It is one thing to report the news and another to show every 10 minutes what type of bomb and how it was made so that the world of kookoo's on the edge watching can copy cat.

I think those things should be kept at a minimum.

It is a scary world out there and we all have to be vigilant.  I don't know what the answers are except we all need to slow our rolls.

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  1. Good thoughts here,
    Hey, you need to speed up to finish the challenge.
    i just joined in.

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