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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Meals

I don't know how many Happy Meals I have bought over the last four years or so but  I do know that the boys don't get them for the food.

It is all about the toy. 

They are super into toys and action figures.  They love movies and characters.  So of course Mc D's has the perfect carrot on a stick for kids. 

Luckily, they got sick of the food a long time ago but the act of getting a Happy Meal was so powerful when it came to calming two young bucks.  I know that sounds like I need a parenting class but at times they did the job and brought calmness and happiness to our day.

They are kind of going through a stage now, one I wish I could go through, where you eat when you are hungry and only to nourish the body.  So Happy Meals are loosing their luster.  They boys are getting big and moving into the combo world. 

Actually, they don't really know they are participating, but we are trying very hard to NOT do fast food and when it's not offered they really don't miss it.  I am learning a lesson too.


  1. The toys are brilliant. The food is shite!

  2. I'm still at happy meal stage with my kids, and I agree. It's all about the toy.

  3. My wife often buys Happy Meals for herself since they are smaller and cheaper. She saves the toys for when the grandkids visit and breaks them out for a fun surprise.

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    Tossing It Out

    1. Great Idea!!! Two birds with one stone. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed the workshop!! I am so glad I went and was introduced to this.


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