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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fun and Funny

I know I am a couple hours late from yesterday but that's how the days go with twins.  My time to do anything actually starts around midnight and that is when I can do my blog, check emails, try reading, and do whatever I need to that takes quiet.  My days are really 28 hours long and somehow in the end it will all even out.

Although having twins has been interesting, challenging, and demanding it is a lot of fun.  I can't imagine not having these little boys in our lives even though they can make me feel like pulling out my hair within thirty seconds in their presence.

In addition to them being fun they are also super funny.  They are characters and almost all the time think they are comedians.  They just  have that high five gotcha thing about them that no matter how rattled they make you or p'd off you get they think it is the funniest thing and you just have to give in and laugh with them.

This year they turned five and we have started all the organized sports.  We started with soccer which was pretty hilarious.  You learn a lot about your kids drives and personalities when they are in sports and I always knew they had totally different personalities but their differences really stick out during the sports.  Not to mention the competition between the two which is non-stop. When they were first told to dribble the ball in soccer well mine literally thought OK dribble the ball like a basketball.  It took a few weeks for them to realize dribbling the ball meant with their feet.  Once they got it they were good. 

 Then came basketball and that was so fun and funny.  I never thought in a hundred years that 5 and 6 year old's could be so competitive and good at such a difficult sport to play.  Now again they are told to dribble the ball and so they dribbled the ball but with their feet.  So we had to go through another few weeks of getting them used to dribbling with their hands. 

Now we are in baseball and this is proving to be the funniest of all because a little bit of each of the previous sports skills are showing up and even a little football which they haven't played yet.  I think each little boy is born with the gene to slide at each base. 

Sports are now joke financially.  Everything is times 2.  Double registration, double equipment, double snack days, double snack bar money every game.  It is costing us a small fortune but what else would we be doing?  Traveling through Europe, going on a cruise, spending a month in Italy, traveling America especially to lobster country?  Na, why would we want to do all that.  I can do that when I am 60 and they are 20.  My grandma lived to 103 so I am hoping I can beat her.   

So, they are fun and funny and keep our attention.  I love them dearly and feel so blessed how they have brought so much life to our family and I hear kids keep you young?  I'll check back in ten and see how much younger I look.

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