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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grandma is a Gift

I have to talk about the best G word there is and that's Grandma. 

When you have a baby whether it be one, two, or five it can be overwhelming in the beginning especially if you have other kids.  If the kids turn out like my little cyclones then it can be overwhelming all the time.

When we were getting ready to have twins most of the advice out there was to try and get as much help as you can and as much as they overstated that I underestimated it.  I've always been a multitasker so having twins was just another challenge, I thought,  I'm sure I was in prepartum (I'm not sure if that is a word) denial.  I had no reference point for twins other than whatever I saw on TLC or read and nothing could have really prepared me for what was to come.  I truly feel for people who have triplets, quads, or quints, or more!!  Or babies in a row that is almost the same thing.  Bless you all.

Well needless to say the one person, other than daddy and my older kids, who was totally there to catch me when I was falling was my mommy...Grandma.

We definitely need an entourage to deal with the boys.  When they were motionless and able to be strapped into whatever apparatus that had straps they were fine.  I could hit the road by myself with them and I felt so strong.  The minute they started to move on their own it went down hill from there.  Four arms and four legs going north, south, east, and west all at the same time was the twilight zone.  So we needed a person at each exit and another who could grab one while the another grabbed the other.  Yes, we were those crazy people you saw in the store sweating and running looking for kids.

Grandma has been fabulous for this whole ride.  Sadly it did change our social relationship because it seems like we never really go anywhere together because the time we have off is to escape or take care of business.  It really takes and effort for us to have play dates like we used too. 

I fell like she should be off traveling the world and doing all the things I am sure she has on her bucket list. She so deserves it.  Instead she is here helping me raise my children. 

Grandma is truly a gift from god and is really the only person who has been down for the count for this crazy ride. 

I hope that we can send her somewhere special in the next year or so and she gets to enjoy her life a little.  We have forced her into yoga recently and she thinks its making her more vunerable against the boys because she is so sore she can't move.  We are trying to convince her it is good for her and she's not buying it.

I love you mommy and all of the kids love you more than you know.  You have given them such a beautiful give and that is you.

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