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Thursday, April 4, 2013

D for Diapers ....Of Course...


If I could have 1/2 a penny for every diaper we consumed I'm sure we would be a billionaires.  In retrospect, I should of really kept track of the numbers of diapers we bought because that number would of been fascinating.  I'm sure we are part of the reason the La Puente Landfill is closing. 

Diapers are like bottles.  There are so many choices and of course the top two brands, maybe because they are most marketed, always seem like the logical choice.  Let me tell you after awhile if someone could fashion one our of hearty paper towels I would have tried them. 

Lets not forget the Wipeys.  My gosh for every one diaper we used we probably used 5 wipeys.  I am an environmentalist and it took my breath away every time because most diapers and wipeys are not biodegradable and the ones that are were just not in our budget for twins.  I am sorry Earth.

Luckily for us, at our local Vons store of all places which is usually not the cheapest market in the basket, we found a new brand of diapers called Mother to Mother, a Safeway brand.  Now normally if they were not the named brand big two doubt and gloom immediately makes you doubt them and fills your mind with all the reasons why you should not try them.  Things like they are cheap for a reason...They probably can't hold the pee!!....They are toooooo cheap... But in a time of need and they are half the price of the others the good angel tells you to try them.  So luckily I gave them a try and never looked back.  They were great diapers and until this day one still uses the Mother to Mother pull up diapers (don't tell him I told you, he is in denial) and they are fabulous.  They save me a lot of washing.  So that was one bright star in the midst of Diaper Hell. 

By the way, I give a pack at every baby shower I go to with a little note saying they are twin proven and the best.  I think we've made a few believers.

Now that they have been potty trained for awhile it seems like a lifetime since I changed one of their diapers and I miss those moments, the ones I can remember, because that is when they were so little and cute and funny and thought that caca was the funniest thing they could do.  Those are those stop and smell the roses moments.


  1. You have probably heard his plenty, but I always wanted twins and wanted to be a twin. I know it's hard work so kudos to you!

    My friend preferred one of the "big two" for her girls: Huggies. Those did not work for me. I used the other, Pampers, initially but switched to Luvs (#3?) and those worked best for my boys. They were a pretty good price at Target, I believe.

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  2. We have pseudo twins/triplets (one will be 2 in a couple weeks, one is 2 1/2 and the oldest just turned 3 in March) so I know what you mean about diapers. We like the kirkland brand from Costco.
    Visiting from the A-Z challenge

  3. I used to buy expensive diapers for my baby when she was a newborn - you know what a new mom is like - I had to choose the softest diaper for her soft skin! Since she was 6 months I realized she was actually much tougher than I thought, so I switched to baby-dry or huggies, whichever was on sale. They are good diapers and I don't have any complaint. The price cannot be beat when baby-dry is on promotion with the $30 Amazon gift certificate - that's much cheaper than local stores!
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