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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Juggling Time

Juggling Time, Space, and Stuff

Juggling time has become a science in my house.  Like I said earlier somewhere my 24 hour day is extended by about 4 hours so I can do everything I need to.  Sleep has been entirely overrated in my house for the last five years and really there is no time for it.

I have become the list queen and the alarm queen which has earned me the title of Alarmist.  I don't know if they are being funny or making fun??  I have five kids that go in five different directions all within 10 minutes of each other and appoints and pick ups and drop offs  and usually I am the one doing all the dropping and picking.  I feel like the movie "The Pacifier" where he skids in the parking spaces and skid out.  I hope no one notices too much.

Now that we have added sports to the twins day, to tire them out and keep them busy, our days seem sooooooo much longer and the only one tired at the end of the day is me but NO REST FOR THE WICKED we must persevere.  

Not to mention the space in my house has decreased and continues to decrease each day.  I think I mentioned my house has shrunk to about the size of a box with all the stuff and people in it since the twins were born.  Daddy is a clean-a-holic, thank God, because he at least keeps some semblance of order around here and that is one area I am glad to delegate to him.  Money Me cleaning HIM.  Sounds fair. 

When I do have those rare moments of nothing to do I am looking at how I can compartmentalize things, make them more user friendly and accessible, and eliminate what we no longer need. That's a big one!  Sometimes its hard to let go but you have too to make room for the new. I have to say when I eliminate Daddy's OCD is totally satisfied until I bring the next load in.

Men just shop and live so simple and us women need things well at least most of us.   Daddy can go to Walmart and buy a box of diapers, a box of wipes, and a 50" TV and leave without being lured by all the other stuff there.  I go and I have to look at and consider the what if we need that thing scenario.  I am sure we will need a slider press one day so I must get one now.  Next thing I am walking out of the store with a full cart.  When I get home all I here is mumbling and I ask "Dear, did you say something?" 

Having twins has just increase the need for everything.  More time, more space and more stuff.

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