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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ice Cream

I think ice cream should be its own food group.  Nothing like it.

Grandma loves ice cream.  It's one of her few vices in life and she has been happy to pass the habit down to me and my kids.

As soon as the boys were able she and they have have been ice cream junkies.  One of the boys, the throw up king, loves loves loves his ice cream cone.  If he could eat only ice cream all day every day I am sure he could live like that forever.

One positive thing about ice cream. in regard to twin management, is that it is a great negotiating tool.  We have been able to tone the habit down to one day a week which is Friday.  So from Friday after they finish their ice cream until the next Friday that we are standing in line to buy the ice cream they are in earning mode and we are in constant negotiation mode.  For whatever reason it works for us.  Ice Cream works for the boys as if was cash money to a teenager.  When I start to wonder about it I shut down the thoughts because I don't want to jinx the only weapon or tool we have that helps us survive throughout the year.

Lucky for us we have a neighborhood ice cream man and his name is Homie.  Homie has been around since our 22 year old son was in elementary school.  He started out with an old smaller van.  Then graduated to a small food truck and now drives what looks like a long motor home painted to show support for the Lakers.  It is a big purple and yellow pained mini motor home like food truck. He is the man and the boys know his route and can hear him a mile down the road. 

I have been making our own ice cream too because I can make sure what ingredients are in there and experiment.  However, nothing beats Thrifty's Ice Cream in value and taste.   Rite Aid is where Dad takes the boys after a game and they do the guy ice cream thing.

One thing I do know is that ice cream is universal, delish, cold, and tasty.  I love ice cream and I hope you do too.


  1. I could definitely do with a gallon of ice cream right now. It is scorching where I live! (India)


    1. I love that you are in India!! Thanks for visiting!!


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