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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly...

Thanks to everyone visiting my blog.  I am new to this and learning everyday how to do something.  I am in the process of visiting other blogs and learning how to respond to the comments left for this blog so if I haven't commented back I will.  I have read all the comments and I think they are great and fun.  I think this should be easy but I am finding I am a bit challenged.  I am going to have the twins show me how to do some stuff tomorrow. 

It's amazing how all kids are just born to operate remotes, Wii's, iPads, blogs, facebook, and iPhones which my twins know how to buy apps! I can't even do that.  They know the password and I don't. I'm getting to the point I have to ask to use my phone.  I think it is backfiring on me.

Well one success we've had is teaching them to be environmentally friendly kids who've been exposed to gardening, composting, beach clean ups, recycling, water conservation, wild life, birds, insects, and may other things related to the environment.  They are heading to be Zero Waste kids/adults one day. 

They are very serious about protecting the earth and they let you know if you are doing something that can hurt the earth or the ocean.  They help grandma compost, I might say she makes beautiful organic compost , and they have learned how and what to save in the little compost jar in the kitchen.  They know when to take it out.  They know when to rotate the compost bin without any of us telling them. 

They love spiders and spider webs and bees and butterflies.  We have a bee, butterfly, spider friendly habitat throughout the yard and sometimes it looks like the rainforest back there.  Such pretty insects and birds visit and in this urban jungle we live in it is really rare to experience this. 

They bird watch and participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count each year.  They love love love the birds and we have been graced by the most beautiful blue birds and hummingbirds.  Two times we have been the home to lost parrots.  I recommend everyone watch birds. 

This year we learned about a two pound heirloom tomato called the Mortgage Lifter from the Beekman 1802 Blog.  So we ordered some seeds and are growing the seedlings to plant in a couple of weeks.  It will be interesting and delicious to see if they take here.  The boys are very excited about the Big Tomato.

As much commotion as the twins can be and as much work as they are the M n M's are great kids and they always stop to care for the earth.

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