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Saturday, April 13, 2013



Just as we have gone through hundreds of bottles and thousands of diapers we have gone through millions of gallons of leche...milk.

First starting with momas milk, then to formula milk, then to soy milk formula, then to regular good old Cows milk.  I think it would have been much more eco friendly and natural had I invested in a couple of dairy cows.  I don't think there is one thing, in my life, that I have bought more than milk.

When they were babies after they had to transition to formula I didn't think they were tolerating it well.  So we switched to Soy Formula.  That seemed to do the trick and they seemed happy.  Except Marley, baby B, started experiencing eczema which stared on his arms then moved to his chest and back and eventually ended up around his mouth.  We tried everything!  Everything natural, prescribed, over the counter, or recommended.  You name it we tried it. 

I started to feel something he may be eating or ingesting may be causing this reaction.  So, we got an allergy test and low and behold he was allergic to Soy and Peanuts.  He doesn't have the type of allergy reactions that require and Epi Pen but what he does experience is skin rashes or eczema.  Once we eliminated the soy and anything with any type of peanut anything and using Aquaphor 10 times a day all his eczema went away. 

The problem is Soy is a filler for almost everything processed or store bought so it has been a challenge to make sure he is safe from Soy.  Especially at school because school food is totally Soy ridden. 

You can imagine how guilty I felt giving him Soy formula for months and not being able to provide him my milk.

Luckily he is not allergic to milk and the both love milk!

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