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Thursday, April 11, 2013



This year the boys entered Kinder.  It has been amazing to see how much they love school and how much they are learning and growing and how in just a few short months they have went from little baby boys to little boys. 

When they were to start school we hit the same dilema most twin parents hit.  Do we keep them together or do we separate them.  Everyone and every book has a theory but what I learned is to follow your instincts and their lead. 

The school wanted to separate them and actually placed them in separate classes prior to school starting.  We went to visit the school before school starting and met both teachers.  They got to visit each classroom and after that visit they made it clear.  WE WANT TO BE TOGETHER. 

Moises is the twin that is the boss or the leader and Marley is the flexible good natured love bug.  Moises has to be at the front of the line and Marley will end up always at the end of the line and he loves it.  Although Moises is the leader he is also the one more attached to Marley than Marley is attached to him.  Moises is actually the one who made the announcement that they wanted to be together and he wanted to be in Marley's class.  Marley tried telling him, "its ok you will see me at recess and lunch."  Moises would have nothing to do with that. 

They are able to make their own friends and play their own thing when they want but they like to know that each other is near.  My instinct told me to keep them together for Kinder and that we did.  It actually turned out that there were four sets of twins in Kinder this year with only two Kinder classes.  When I brought up that I wanted them to be together the principal had actually made the decision to keep all sets together.  So it worked out without much fuss.

It has been a great year but now with two months left I am feeling that as they have evolved I think next year will be the time to separate them so they can both flourish without one feeling less than.  They both have strong academic skills in different ways and Moises is the competitive winner and he is getting to the point he is always trying to outshine Marley.  Marley is the nice guy so he doesn't put up much resistance but I can see that he is not giving himself enough credit and giving Moises more credit.

They love each other although they are natural rivals but now they need to shine on their own.

Always follow your instincts and your gut when it comes to what is best for your children.  There is so many theories and information out there and you can use it to make decisions but always consider your children's uniqueness in all of it.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog and I've nominated you for an award - enjoy!

    1. Wow! I feel so honored that you would even say that. I am really glad you are enjoying it. I have learned so much in the last few days about blogging and how to work all this. I just found out how to reply to your comments and to add pics. So I am a complete Newbie to this but it is so much fun.

      Thanks for visiting and supporting!!

    2. I'm nominating you also for a Leibster! :)

  2. I teach math to two homerooms at an elementary school. This year we have 3 sets of twins on the team....all sets are identical!!! And on day 139, there is still one set I can't tell apart!!

    I'm glad the school supported your decision!


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