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Saturday, May 4, 2013


They turned five this year.  The twins that is.  Now they are old enough to play organized sports.  We thought GREAT!!!  we will sign them up for everything and they will be so exhausted and all that energy they have been taking out on us will now have a focus.  Kind of wrong.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE the sports but I think the only ones who are exhausted are us the over 40's.  They seem to get more and more energized as the days goes on and we seem to get more and more deflated as the day goes on.  What were we thinking.

Not to mention it is so expensive for kids now a days to play sports and get all the equipment to play even if it is just the basics.  

We been down this road twice already with the older two kids.  One of which, my girl, played a sport that took her around the country.  We got to travel to exotic cities next to big cities to watch her play ball and go places and see the country in ways we never would have if she hadn't played.

Now we are starting all over again but this time I have to say we are pros.  We know the pitfalls, the drama, and the good things.  So we won't be so naive as before. We will avoid the mess and stick with the good.  AND avoid the snack bars which we have had our share and everyone else's share of chili cheese nachos.  So we are able to sit back a bit and enjoy it more than we did with the first kids.

They started out with soccer.  Great sport for them we just need to play more of it.

We then went to basketball which ended up being really fun.  I had no idea what to expect for this one because my other kids never really played basketball.  I envisioned a bunch of five year old's looking cute learning how to dribble and cute stuff.  Well I was wrong they were killers on the court and played like little men.  I couldn't believe how good they all were.  They were skilled beyond my wildest imagination, physical, and driven.  It was amazing!  The refs didn't call traveling too much or too fast unless the kid just picked up the ball and ran down the court they did give us a break on that. I guess they will get that skill in time.  The boys fell in love with basketball and could play it all day.  It was great for both and the one who takes a little longer to get it GOT IT and was making 3's by mid season.  It was a win for him.

Now we are in baseball and they went strait to Shetlands. I guess we missed T-ball but I am kind of glad because that would have been way to slow paced for them.  After coming off soccer and basketball where they were constantly moving to baseball where you sit and wait it has been a learning curve in patience.  As the season progresses they are liking it more and getting much better each time.

Soon, they will play a summer PAL league basketball and swim lessons which they have been able to do for the last couple years, then soccer starts at the end of the summer.  It never stops.

We have had a dilemma about football.  Should we or shouldn't we?  The problem we have is one is over 100 pounds a bit.  Of course he is a D-line kinda guy but there are weight limits and only two league about 20 minute away have flag football division without a weight limit and the park right behind my house has a weight limit.  The reason I really wanted to them to do football is for the conditioning and exercise especially for my big guy but the logistics and costs are not pluses for this sport.  I know they would love it but I don't want to put one and not the other.  So no football this year.

I must say though that husky kids need options too and I think there are plenty of husky kids that would benefit from the conditioning and exercise football allows playing flag not tackle and these leagues should have a division for these kids too.  They would make a ton of money.

I don't know how long we can keep up multiple sports but as long as they are having fun and happy and exercising and eventually falling asleep we are good.

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  1. I've always thought that parents of multiples are heroes!! Sports are expensive but it's so good for kids to have a hobby. I've been thinking about putting my oldest daughter into something but the price certainly scares me off.
    That must have been fun travelling with your daughter as she played ball though.

    Just stopping by from a-z :)


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