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Saturday, May 18, 2013

School Field Trip

The first school field trip came and went.  The week before the twins were SO excited.  Everyday they came home with the rules and regulations for both kids and parents including costs. 

This was the first field trip of all my kids  I have not attended and you can imagine how guilty I felt and still feel.  However, they tried to console me by saying "we don't want you to go anyway because we would have to hang out with you and not our groups."  Leave it to the yungun's to tell it like it is.  So, I did stay to take the pictures getting on the bus and all the havoc that ensues when a bunch of kindergartner's go anywhere. 

Did I tell you they were going to the zoo?  Not the big major zoo but a smaller zoo in a not so close by city.  For kids who have been to the big major zoo that is their measure of a zoo. 

I'm there to pick them up now after a glorious day of freedom and peace and quite.  So much so that I almost didn't know what to do with my time because in the back of my head I could hear this little voice saying you only have 5 hours, you only have 4 hours, you only have 2 hours left!!  It stifled me at times.  They were gone longer than they normally went to school so I had a taste of how first grade will be.  I still feel guilty though...wink.   As I see them approaching I can see they are a little tired and ready to go home.  The excitement they had before they went had definitely diminished.  As they are walking up to me they are revealing all of the issues like it was a lot of walking, there were not a lot animals, the bus took too long, and why didn't you go!

I just think it is too bad that schools now a days take very limited field trips anymore mainly because they don't have money to pay for the buses.  Field trips can be so enriching and support the lessons they are learning in their classes.

When they got home my house turned into a zoo once more.

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